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Winni River Days Camping

Winni River Days Camping

For the first time, camping at Winni River Days will be in Mill City Park! 


We are very excited to host everyone this year, however, camping accomodations will be primitive (as we are still building out the park). 


This year it will be FYOS! AKA Find Your Own Site. The park is a blank canvas and we are allowing you to venture into it, and to pick your own site! Please respect other's space and their accomodations, while you are on the hunt. 




  • Pricing: Prices listed are per person.
  • Bathrooms: Porta poties will be located near the parking lot.  
  • Parking: Parking within Mill City Park is very limited. 20 spaces are allocated for overnight accomodations, however, the others will be utilized as loading and unloading zones only. If you'd like one of the overnight spaces, please purchase it HERE. Overnight parking accomodations will be allowed within the City Parking Lot  behind Vulgar Brewing Company and Mill City Park.
  • Campfires: Individual fires will not be allowed. Mill City Park Board Members and Staff will tend the communal fire, which will occur Friday and Saturday night. 
  • Confirmations: Please save your order number or confirmation email. You may have to show this to the attendant.
  • Shipping Notifications: Please disregard all fufilment or shipping notifications, as part of this transaction.