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The Governor Supports Franklin Falls

Chris Sununu, the Governor of New Hampshire, stands with our City, a community historically known as Franklin Falls, and with outdoor enthusiasts, believing in the sustainability of outdoor infrastructure and the benefits it provides. Not only in attracting visitors, but also as a sustainable means of attracting residents and businesses. Days ago, we received proof: the referenced letter identifies a one time investment of $1.5 million in Mill City Park as a flagship project to promote economic development though outdoor recreation. The state is focusing on outdoor infrastructure as a new economic tool, or rather that would be the job of their new proposed office within the department of Business and Economic Affairs.

Governor Sununu and State Officials -

Our Team, City, and Partners are incredibly grateful that you and your administration recognize a different vision of economic prosperity and sustainability for this city, region, and state through the outdoors, the people they attract, and the vibrant communities that they build.

This substantial contribution moves us significantly closer to our goal of breaking ground on the whitewater park component of Mill City Park in the Winnipesaukee River. It will create a unique iconic outdoor destination free for all to enjoy in their own way, while rebranding and refocusing our community to look inward to build our city’s sustainable future.

Today, the national annual revenue of the outdoor industry is larger than annual car parts, car sales and gasoline sales combined. Outdoor gathering spaces and outdoor experiences have positive impacts for children ranging from higher intelligence to reduced stress, improved self confidence, and enhanced connection to the environment and to those around them. When designed appropriately, outdoor spaces can improve the environment, connect people to the environment, promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle, and attract visitors and new residents.

This is the economic value of Mill City Park; it will breathe life into old underutilized spaces for new entrepreneurs and business owners. It will attract both residents and visitors alike to stay and play here. It will provide new free outdoor sport venues for school children, connecting them both to the community, to each other, and to the environment. In building a vibrant city, it will also build the tax base, providing sustainable solutions to some of our greatest challenges: education and infrastructure.

This investment is a testament to the relentless perseverance and adaptability of every team member, whether they are a volunteer, partner, believer, or contributor.

Thank you, Governor and all for enabling this project to grow.

To ensure this investment remains in the Governor’s budget “it will be critical for your voice to be heard.” Please reach out to to learn how and to get involved. Let’s break ground on a new Franklin Falls!

The Board of Directors

Mill City Park at Franklin Falls

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