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The Way Back to Franklin Falls

Indiegogo Campaign

Franklin has a diverse history. Downtown Franklin exists because of the rivers and mill buildings. We are now ready to reuse the rivers to repurpose and reinvent ourselves focusing on recreational activities and a true sense of community.

Although we are presently the smallest and poorest city in New Hampshire, we are poised and heading in the right direction with momentum to change that. We are ready to overcome common place issues such as obesity, drug addiction, crime, lack of economic opportunity and stigma that challenge many small towns by bringing in new opportunities.

We need a catalyst to support our residents, visitors, restaurants and new businesses. This iconic outdoor destination will give that boost.

A diverse and motivated partnership of community members are planning to improve our community’s quality of life through getting dirty or wet at our new park:

  • Community Garden, which will supply our residents with fresh and organic fruits and vegetables free of charge

  • Whitewater Park on the Winnipesaukee River enabling whitewater kayakers, surfers, stand up paddleboarders to utilize our river year round

  • Mountain Bike Pump Track winding through the hills and valleys adjacent to the river, designed for each and every rider

The combination of a whitewater park and a pump track in close proximity to a downtown exists nowhere else in New England, making Franklin the next stop for any outdoor recreationalist.

With Your Help

Our goal is to raise $45,000 in order to pay certified engineers from McLaughlin Whitewater and trail designers from Highland Trails. In return, these companies will provide conceptual designs, detailed designs and planning documentation to support the construction of this iconic destination.

By supporting us in the creation of an innovative community park you’ll be supporting the revitalization of this historic mill town - one that is rooted in the principles of sustainability and community development.

PermaCityLife isa NH non-profit with Franklin Business and Industrial Development Corporation as our 501 (c) 3 fiscal sponsor. All donation made to our campaign are tax deductible.

Our Project in Numbers

Whitewater Park Consultation Services with McLaughlin Whitewater: $28,000 Pump Track Master Plan with Highland Mountain Bike Park: $15,000 Indiegogo Campaign Fees: $2,000

The Impact

Through getting dirty and wet, we plan on having a positive impact on every person in town, even those who do not take full advantage of our park. Our project will:

  • Increase the community’s quality of life

  • Increase property values

  • Develop a community identity & build a sense of pride

  • Create environmental attachment & promote Franklin as a regional outdoors destination

  • Provide opportunities to community, business owners, sponsors, vendors & entrepreneurs

The community garden will not only provides a green space in the heart of downtown but also a place for people to socializ